The Moodmetric smart ring is a user-friendly way to capture electrodermal activity (EDA), which tells about the activation of the sympathetic nervous system. EDA measurement has been applied in psychophysiological research for over 100 years.

Moodmetric has brought the measuring of EDA from the laboratory to field research. This cost-efficient method enables research to be carried out on large groups for long periods of time. Moodmetric smart ring is a research tool for measuring continuously, in normal daily life as well as in long term.

The measurement data tells especially of cognitive and emotional stress. Recently the Moodmetric smart ring has been used for, for example, research on mental load at work, customer experience, and social interaction.

The Moodmetric smart ring is primarily intended for long term and continuous measurement. It is well suited for weeks or months of 24/7 measurement, where you get most out of the ring, app and cloud features.

Moodmetric smart ring is also suitable for short-term studies that use raw EDA data. Time frames can be seconds or minutes and data collection can be done wirelessly. Check out the lesson Short-term measurements how to do it.

The video below explains the principles and use of Moodmetric measurement in identifying and managing work-related stress.