Millaista dataa on mahdollista kerätä?

The Moodmetric smart ring measures in the same way continuously, around the clock. The data can be followed in real time on a smartphone screen. The ring also stores the data, so the phone does not need to be near the user at all times. The user downloads the measurement data from the ring to the app twice a day.

The data is available in different formats, also as raw data. It is to be noted that the Moodmetric smart ring is developed for field research and collecting and analyzing raw data requires the researcher to have experience of measuring electrodermal activity in laboratory conditions.

Numerical data can be collected in five standard ways. In addition the signal can be for instance screen captured, that might be useful in some settings.

1. Cloud service reports

Recommended way to collect data in field research is to obtain data from the Moodmetric cloud in CSV or Excel format.  The data is first stored in the ring memory and transferred via bluetooth to the app about twice a day. If the Moodmetric cloud connection is enabled, the data is uploaded to the cloud automatically every couple of hours. Sample rate of one sample per minute is stored in the Moodmetric cloud.

MM level: an integer calculated from the raw signal – the core of the Moodmetric measurement
SCR/min: Activations / skin reactions per minute. This integer typically variates between 0..20 with a normal rate of ~3-4. 
SCL:  Refers to the raw level of skin conductance. The unit is micro siemens (µS) and the value typically varies from 0.2 to 20 µS.
UNIX: Time in seconds starting from date 01.01.1970.
ISO: The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) date format.

2. Moodmetric API

The API description and credentials are available upon request. Moodmetric API enables viewing of the data in the Moodmetric cloud through an external platform.

3. Moodmetric SDK (Software Developer Kit)

Makes the Moodmetric real-time data available for mobile applications. The SDK is available for free download.

The SKD provides you with the following data:

  • Instant indicator is a fast indicator to see how a person reacts to different stimuli.
  • The MM Level
  • Acceleration: Data of 3-axis accelerometer inside the ring.
  • Raw skin resistance is provided without any smoothing or artefact rejection.

4. PC Scope

PC Scope is a tool to capture raw data in a laboratory-like setting. The Moodmetric smart ring does not store raw data, but it can be streamed from the ring to a Windows PC via a dongle. Sample rate is 3 samples / second.

5. Mobile Scope

Mobile Scope is a tool to capture raw data in a field setting. Sample rate is 3 samples / second.